Furniture formed from nature’s antiques

Uhtua Design is a product family of furniture and other interior design elements which provide a cozy feel – a piece of the past in a rustic natural form.

Huliswood has had years of experience in using kelo wood as building material. In these pieces the wood is processed even further so that this exquisite high-grade wood can also be used in interior design.

Designer Jonas Hakaniemi has created modern forms for kelo which accentuate the unique properties of the wood. Design products made of kelo wood bring an element of individuality to your home. Cracks and knotholes in the wood only underscore the uniqueness of the wood. Uhtua Design products are simplified and timeless, making them ideal for vacation homes, modern city apartments or public spaces.

The Uhtua Design product family includes furniture, saunas, hot tubs and wall panels.

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