(Galleries are in Finnish)

Kelo buildings and construction

Huliswood has built hundreds of buildings in all different sizes over the years in both Finland and abroad. This picture gallery demonstrates the work of cutting logs, erecting the building and the finished product.

Interior Design

Lumber made of kelo wood is well suited for interior design in houses and vacation homes alike. While unedged kelo lumber is used for covering ceilings and walls and for doors and furniture, wall panels of kelo wood give a rustic feel to saunas or fireplace rooms. Due to its low thermal conductivity, kelo lumber is excellent material for sauna benches as well, making it a good alternative to exotic wood species.

Kelo on the road

Here you can view the multiple phases of travel required in bringing kelo wood from the Karelian forests to spas in Central Europe and ski resorts of Northern Lapland.

Kelo abroad

Since the very beginning, Huliswood has been exporting kelo products abroad. Spas and saunas in Central Europe make up a large portion of the international clientele. About 30-40% of our sales come from exports.

Huliswood House

Huliswood Oy has built a house in Karstula (Central Finland) which serves as both a house for the owners, Olli and Anne Möttönen, and as a model home for Huliswood.