In Kakslauttanen of Sodankylä on the south side of Saariselkä is nearing completion the world's largest, 2, 000 square meter logwood restaurant. The structure will also have a large reception area to accommodate the business.

Huliswood Oy carried out the largest ever project of its history when in April 2014, in the Santa Resort area of Hotel Kakslauttanen in Saariselkä, was erected the frame of the world's largest logwood restaurant. See The frame merged two previously supplied buildings. Together, they form what is probably the world's largest single logwood building complex.



The tasty odors of the kelo material in Uhtua-kelopanelsauna that engulf the room with hot steam is already enjoyed in many homes and cottages. The panel can also be used for other purposes and environments. Hopefully, you will get tips for realizing your own plans.


Hyvinkää is the location for the new Beckhoff Automation Oy Finland headquarters.  The German industrial automation company with international pedigree requested traditional Finnish construction materials for the interior and exterior finishing of their building. Architect Petteri Patolinna together with the developer chose granite and kelo wood. The kelo finishing was applied by Huliswood Oy using Uhtua-kelopanel. Subcontracted parties were kelopanel developer Tmi Kelotyö Ahonen from Kartsula and Maroll Oy from Helsinki.

Aake Vision Ltd Oy performed project management services.


Uhtua-kelopanel sauna was exhibited at the Helsinki Spring Fair in the Lempisauna section 26-29.03 as well as at the Kouvula Construction Fair with Lustek Oy on 28-29.03.

The sauna attracted considerable attention at both events with its distinguishable outlook and many orders were placed. Special praise was given for the effortless installation that kelopanels require and also for its uniqueness as an interior decoration material.


Genuine kelowall easily with Uhtua Design Kelopanel

The kelopanel is the newest in the Uhtua Design assortment. The very quick and easy mountable panels suit perfectly for Saunas, rooms with fireplace or any other room in which genuine Nordic atmosphere is wanted. Kelopanel can also be used for outdoor cladding in which more robust material can be used.