Where does kelo wood come from?

We import our kelo wood ourselves from Russia, mainly from the Republic of Karelia, from the areas of Belomorsk, Kostamus, Viena, Kalevala (i.e. Uhtua) and Puutoinen. Our camp is located in Kostamus.

Kelo wood is harvested in areas which are vast and difficult to access, felling only single trees. Even in more easily accessible areas, only 5-10 m³ of wood are harvested per hectare. This difficulty in harvesting is part of what makes up the final product price.

We use our own vehicle fleet to transport the kelo wood across the border at Vartius to Finland. Kelo wood handling requires special additional equipment on the harvesters and logging trucks. The most important requirement is the so-called kelo shovel which hinders damage while loading the wood. In winter the kelo wood is harvested mainly by hand and transported by snowmobile. Each shipment is loaded by us personally and also delivered to the client in person.

Procurement of kelo wood is a lengthy and laborious procedure and the poor roads in Russia as well as the formalities at the border make the job even more difficult. For this reason it is recommended to order your kelo wood well in advance and be prepared for long delivery times.