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The Uhtua Design product family includes furniture, saunas, hot tubs and wall panels.

With our Uhtua Design products we are also paying our respects to the traditional culture of Viena-Karelia. The name comes from the Karelian village name of “Uhtua” where the Finnish national poet Elias Lönnrot compiled the greater part of the poems which make up the Finnish National Epic Kalevala. Numerous renowned Finnish artists such as Jean Sibelius, Akseli Gallén-Kallela and Albert Edelfeldt chose this area to work in.


Uhtua Design – Furniture

This product family includes the table “Puavila”, bench “Miihkaili”, stool “Jouki, the table and stool combination “Triihvo” as well as the footstool “Teppana”. These unique pieces made of kelo wood will add a note of individuality to any interior.

Each of these pieces would work well at home or in a vacation house, but they are equally suitable for public spaces. An additional quality of the furniture is the lightly tarry scent and the history they carry within them.


Kelo Sauna

The kelo sauna from Uhtua Design is the first easy to assemble sauna kit made from kelo wood. A kelo sauna is extremely comfortable – the perfect place to relax and unwind. Ambience lighting is provided by LED-lights made from recycled glass and pressed into the typical kelo form so that they fit seamlessly into the walls. Kelo saunas are suitable for apartments, houses and vacation homes, meeting the highest standards.

Kelo hot tub

The unique kelo hot tub is completely handmade from old kelo wood. The exterior is real kelo wood which surrounds the actual tub which has been created from 100% PVC. The kelo hot tub is the only hot tub on the market with an interior tub made of PVC. This PVC tub guarantees uncomplicated usage.


Kelo wall panel

The kelo wall panels are the first wall panels on the market which have been made of old kelo wood. There are many ways to use these panels – give the fireplace room a new look, add an interesting detail to the living room or personalize the head of the bed, maybe even conjure up a new interior for an existing sauna.


The kelopanel is the newest in the Uhtua Design assortment. The very quick and easy mountable panels suit perfectly for Saunas, rooms with fireplace or any other room in which genuine Nordic atmosphere is wanted. Kelopanel can also be used for outdoor cladding in which more robust material can be used.

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